Student Finances

UConn Law offers excellent LLM programs at an affordable cost. The per-credit tuition rate is among the lowest for any LLM program in the country. As a result, students gain an excellent education and high return on their investment in the future.

2021-22 Academic Year Per Credit Rate:

Insurance Law LLM $1,326
U.S. Legal Studies LLM

Human Rights & Social Justice LLM

Energy & Environmental LLM

Governance, Risk Management & Compliance LLM



There are also two types of merit scholarships available for students upon application: (1) a Dean's Scholarship for students in any program and (2) the Anthony Smits Scholarship for students in U.S. Legal Studies. Students may also apply for Academic Merit Scholarships after completing one semester.

Full Cost of Attendance

For the full cost of attendance, please access the Student Finance page.

Outside Funding Resources

Although program fees at UConn Law are among the lowest of any top-tier law schools in the United States, we understand that an LLM degree still presents a significant investment for tuition, fees and living expenses. We highly encourage all international students to seek financial aid and scholarship funds from sources in their home countries to supplement any merit scholarship you may receive from UConn School of Law.

Scholarship sources could include employers, government agencies, and foundations.  One of the best sources for relevant scholarships is EducationUSA.  We recommend that all international applicants reach out to an in-country EducationUSA advisor in their home country to identify potential funding sources.  You may search for the nearest EducationUSA Advising center here.

Outside scholarship deadlines are often earlier than application deadlines, so it is important that you do your research and apply in advance, generally 6-12 months prior to beginning your LLM.  For a list of outside scholarships and funding sources, please click here.